College Debt is Increasing

With college costs rising at an alarming rate and families only able to save an average of $2,600 per year for college, families are concerned about how they're going to pay for college.

0 million
parents & students paying back college debt
$0.6 trillion
in college debt nationwide
$0 billion
of new debt is created each year
$250 billion
is spent annually on college expenses
of students don't graduate

Parents and students are

  • Stressed about the cost
  • Confused about the process
  • Emotional about the child leaving home
  • Anxious about the overwhelming debt
  • Feeling pressured to make good choices
  • Distracted at work
  • Feeling unprepared
  • Needing help and guidance

What if we could help you be clear, confident, and proud of your college decision?

Say hello to the College Assistance Plan

The only single resource available to help families lower the cost of college and navigate the entire process

What is it?

The College Assistance Plan is a high-value resource helps parents and students lower the cost of college. No frills, no fluff. Just the information families need to get them through the college years with as little debt as possible. With the College Assistance Plan, more students are able to graduate on time, with less stress, less disruption, and less debt.

Benefits to Families

  • Lowers the cost of college
  • Allows employees to become educated consumers
  • Less time and effort
  • Reduces stress and anxiety
  • The best education at the lowest cost

College Roadmaps

Our freshman through senior year roadmaps outline what students should be doing and when. We help parents and students be proactive, not reactive. 

Net Price Calculators

Calculate the amount a student pays to attend an institution for a single academic year after factoring in scholarships and grants.

20 Key Financial Mistakes

Each of these costly mistakes has an explanation so families can be better educated. Don’t make these mistakes during your college journey!

Negotiation and Appeals

Our appeal and negotiation toolkit helps parents understand how private colleges can give additional grants and scholarships, what to ask for, and how to ask.

College Search

Finding the right colleges to apply to can seem overwhelming at first. By planning, researching, and putting together a strategy it will become a much easier process.

...and much more!